BP MW2 Power Ranking: X-Factors for Major IV

The qualifying stage for Major IV has finished, giving us plenty of surprising results along the way. Teams will now head to Ohio to compete in a crucial tournament with major implications for Champs.

With the pressure now on, key players will have to find their form and provided a boost to their teams. They will have to step up and take their teams to the next level. Here’s the X factor player for each of the 12 CDL franchises.

How the teams are ranked : The writers, stats team, and content team at Breaking Point were polled to rate each of the 12 teams — putting more weight on recency instead of the entire season. The previous week of play is weighed the most, followed by the rest of the stage, and then Major III results. Each ranks the teams 1st through 12th. After collecting the rankings from the BP team, each team would be given points for each vote, as seen below:

1st – 11 points
2nd – 10 points
3rd – 9 points
4th – 8 points
5th – 7 points
6th – 6 points
7th – 5 points
8th – 4 points
9th – 3 points
10th – 2 points
11th – 1 point
12th – 0 points

Here is a link to the previous ranking from April 11th, showing the MVP for each team so far this season:

April 11th Power Ranking: MVP for Each team

The Breaking Point Power Ranking

1st: OpTic Texas

Previous Ranking: 1st ()
Average Points Received : 11.0
Average Ranking Placement: 1.0
CDL Points : 220
Major IV Opening Match : Thursday 6:00 pm EST vs Boston Breach

“Heading into Major IV, OpTic have cemented themselves as a top 3 team in the CDL this year and the favorites to take home the next trophy. The roster additions of Huke and Ghosty have made a noticeable difference for this squad and it’s a big reason why they finished their Major IV qualifier matches as the first team to go 5-0 this year. Naming Ghosty as the X Factor for this team would be the easy thing to do, but I think that the title better fits Huke. His dominant performances on SnD have become the norm and he’s performing nearly just as great in respawn modes too. If Huke can maintain this level of play in all three modes, I would be shocked if OpTic didn’t leave Columbus as the Major IV Champs.”

– Pescaro

Huke’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.29 (1.20 in wins, 0.91 in losses)
HP : – (1.06 in wins, hasn’t lost)
SND : 2.18 (2.93 in wins, 0.75 in losses)
CTL : 0.25 (1.19 in wins, 0.94 in losses)

2nd: Los Angeles Thieves 

Previous Ranking: 3rd (1)
Average Points Received : 9.6
Average Ranking Placement: 2.4
CDL Points : 190
Major IV Opening Match : Thursday 3:00 pm EST vs Minnesota Rokkr

“With their only loss coming at the hands of the undefeated OpTic squad, LAT is feeling great headed into Major IV. Their WR1 matchup will be against the 7th seeded Minnesota Rokkr who have yet to win a match or map vs the Thieves this year (0-4 Match Count / 0-12 Map Count). Octane is playing like a top AR in the league right now and Drazah has had a bounce back Stage after a rough go in Stage III. The X Factor of this team is the player that seems to always step up later into the season, Kenny. After a slower start to the Vanguard season, LAT were able to take home Major IV and CDL Champs with Kenny being named the MVP for both events. A return to form for the one they call “Kylo Ken” would help bolster LAT’s chances of winning Major IV and being considered a serious threat to be the first organization to repeat at COD Champs in CDL/CWL history.”

– Pescaro

Kenny’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.21 (1.28 in wins, 1.10 in losses)
HP : 0.18 (1.28 in wins, 1.10 in losses)
SND : -0.27 (0.93 in wins, 1.20 in losses)
CTL : 0.45 (1.28 in wins, 0.83 in losses)

3rd: Atlanta FaZe

Previous Ranking: 2nd (1)
Average Points Received : 8.3
Average Ranking Placement: 3.7
CDL Points : 255
Major IV Opening Match : Thursday 7:30 pm EST vs Seattle Surge

“Having picked up a more supportive role for the MW2 season, Simp has been struggling to maintain his usual slaying consistency. It has been pointed out many times that having a player as talented as Simp shackled to the hill doesn’t seem a wise move and he would be better utilized roaming throughout the map and taking key gunfights on early rotations. With his more confined role any time Simp does seem to fry, FaZe seem to win especially on Lan with his exceptional SnD performances.”

– Lord Josh

Simp’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.32 (1.13 in wins, 0.81 in losses)
HP : 0.34 (1.11 in wins, 0.78 in losses)
SND : 0.57 (1.41 in wins, 0.84 in losses)
CTL : 0.12 (1.04 in wins, 0.92 in losses)

4th: Seattle Surge

Previous Ranking: 5th (1)
Average Points Received : 7.9
Average Ranking Placement: 4.1
CDL Points : 170
Major IV Opening Match : Thursday 7:30 pm EST vs Atlanta FaZe

“Mack has always been the X Factor for the Surge ever since the team first formed. Accuracy is always going to be a solid support player albeit not a very strong slayer but that will always be counterbalanced by the immense damage dealing of Sib and the incredibly high slaying of Pred. When you add an in form Mack to that mix the Surge can beat anyone at any given time in any mode.”

– Lord Josh

Mack’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.23 (1.03 in wins, 0.80 in losses)
HP : 0.23 (1.08 in wins, 0.85 in losses)
SND : 0.39 (0.93 in wins, 0.54 in losses)
CTL : 0.20 (0.98 in wins, 0.79 in losses)

5th: New York Subliners 

Previous Ranking: 7th (2)
Average Points Received : 7.0
Average Ranking Placement: 5.0
CDL Points : 195
Major IV Opening Match : Thursday 4:30 pm EST vs Las Vegas Legion

“The Bull Dog is the aggressive and selfless foil to HyDra’s methodical high slaying gameplay and when he is on form the Subliners are a force to be reckoned with as seen by their performance in Major 1 that saw KiSMET take home the MVP award.”

– Lord Josh

KiSMET’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.39 (1.12 in wins, 0.73 in losses)
HP : 0.40 (1.19 in wins, 0.79 in losses)
SND : 0.51 (1.21 in wins, 0.71 in losses)
CTL : 0.34 (0.99 in wins, 0.65 in losses)

6th: Toronto Ultra

Previous Ranking: 4th (2)
Average Points Received : 5.9
Average Ranking Placement: 6.1
CDL Points : 225
Major IV Opening Match : Friday 7:30 pm EST vs TBD

“The AR duo of Scrappy and Insight have been stellar this season, giving the Ultra a consistent 1-2 punch in all three modes. Hicksy has brought structure to the team while leading the team. The X-factor the Ultra is which version of CleanX will be showing up. He has one of the highest skill ceilings in the CDL, but at times his pace can work against him. When Hicksy first joined the lineup, the League saw prime CleanX running through teams with ease. At his best, he can single handily win Search & Destroy maps while flying around in respawns. But when the team ins’t streaking, his pace can find himself away from teammates or countered by slower play. If Toronto wants to regain their form from Stage 3, they’ll need CleanX to match and exceed the output of the best SMGs in the League.”

– Easy Mac

CleanX’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.25 (1.09 in wins, 0.85 in losses)
HP : 0.29 (1.24 in wins, 0.95 in losses)
SND : -0.32 (0.57 in wins, 0.89 in losses)
CTL : 0.21 (0.87 in wins, 0.66 in losses)

7th: Las Vegas Legion

Previous Ranking: 8th (1)
Average Points Received : 5.8
Average Ranking Placement: 6.2
CDL Points : 130
Major IV Opening Match : Thursday 4:30 pm EST vs New York Subliners

“For the first time in CDL history, the Legion will start in the Upper Bracket at a Major. The Legion finished a remarkable 4-1, with their only loss being to the London Royal Ravens. Temp will have to put in a very strong performance at Major IV to push Las Vegas to their best result since Modern Warfare. The team is in a very tight battle for the 8th seed overall with the Minnesota Rokkr for the final spot at Champs. They will need Temp to find another level at LAN and help them compete into Sunday.”

– Easy Mac

Temp’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.43 (1.28 in wins, 0.86 in losses)
HP : 0.42 (1.29 in wins, 0.87 in losses)
SND : 0.85 (1.57 in wins, 0.71 in losses)
CTL : 0.30 (1.15 in wins, 0.85 in losses)

8th: Boston Breach

Previous Ranking: 6th (2)
Average Points Received : 4.6
Average Ranking Placement: 7.4
CDL Points : 160
Major IV Opening Match : Thursday 6:00 pm EST vs OpTic Texas

“Breach had a modest run during the Stage IV Qualifiers (2-3 Match Count) but it was enough for the team to clinch a berth in Winner’s Bracket. Their two wins came against Toronto and London, both of which placed into Loser’s Bracket and had a combined match count of 2-8 during the qualifiers. It remains to be seen whether the decision to bench Vivid and elevate Kremp to the starting lineup was the right thing to do. His individual performances have been solid thus far, and if the team chemistry can translate high slaying into consistent wins, they will surely be a contender at Major IV. The X Factor for Boston isn’t necessarily the player himself, but whether or not the team chemistry with the latest roster change can improve along with their ability to play the objective.”

– Pescaro

Kremp’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.09 (1.15 in wins, 1.05 in losses)
HP : 0.23 (1.19 in wins, 0.96 in losses)
SND : -0.40 (0.75 in wins, 1.15 in losses)
CTL : -0.16 (1.20 in wins, 1.36 in losses)

9th: Minnesota RØKKR 

Previous Ranking: 9th ()
Average Points Received : 2.9
Average Ranking Placement: 9.1
CDL Points : 130
Major IV Opening Match : Thursday 3:00 pm EST vs LA Thieves

“A dreadful eight match loss streak was followed up with a two match win streak to start Stage IV. Rokkr replaced Attach with Fame and defeated LAG and FLA to start out 2-0. The caveat is that these matches were played at their Home Series LAN event and the two teams they beat both finished the qualifiers without a single win. Fans and analysts alike have been thrilled to see Cammy improving his play throughout this Stage and have even suggested that he is making a return to Cold War form. The player that has taken a noticeable step backwards and is the X Factor for any sort of run at Major IV would be Bance. A .78 Overall K/D is not going to cut it when going up against top teams and it showed during their last three qualifier matches. Perhaps if Bance could follow in Cammy’s footsteps and make a return to Cold War form, this Rokkr team could end up surprising a lot of people.”

– Pescaro

Bance’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.17 (0.89 in wins, 0.72 in losses)
HP : 0.38 (1.09 in wins, 0.71 in losses)
SND : 0.13 (0.83 in wins, 0.70 in losses)
CTL : -0.01 (0.72 in wins, 0.73 in losses)

10th: London Royal Ravens

Previous Ranking: 10th ()
Average Points Received : 1.6
Average Ranking Placement: 10.4
CDL Points : 60
Major IV Opening Match : Friday 6:00 pm EST vs TBD

“London is an interesting case as they’ve seen different players succeed individually throughout the year but have never really managed to translate that into team success. I’d have to go with the new guy on the roster Uli as we’ve seen Skrapz and Nastie develop into a decently consistent AR duo and Asim’s up and down performances have weirdly enough not seemed to impact whether London have been winning series or not.”

– Lord Josh

Uli’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.37 (1.13 in wins, 0.76 in losses)
HP : 0.34 (1.06 in wins, 0.72 in losses)
SND : 0.03 (0.92 in wins, 0.89 in losses)
CTL : 0.99 (1.78 in wins, 0.79 in losses)

11th: Florida Mutineers

Previous Ranking: 11th ()
Average Points Received : 1.1
Average Ranking Placement: 10.9 
CDL Points : 70
Major IV Opening Match : Friday 3:00 pm EST vs TBD

“The Mutineers again find themselves in the Lower Bracket to start a Major and may very well be out of the running for Champs. But that should not stop this team from trying to net solid results at Major IV and Major V while playing spoiler against top teams. The X-factor for the team heading to Major IV has to be their SMG Capsidal. Cap has flashed moments of brilliance over parts of his stints in the the CDL, but has not been able to find that consistency needed to be a superstar player. If Florida wants to have a shocking result to the likes of LA Guerrillas last season, they’ll need their young SMG player to continue his growth and become the star player he can be.”

– Easy Mac

Capsidal’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.25 (1.08 in wins, 0.83 in losses)
HP : 0.28 (1.14 in wins, 0.85 in losses)
SND : 0.18 (0.85 in wins, 0.67 in losses)
CTL : – (No wins, 0.84 in losses)

12th: Los Angeles Guerrillas

Previous Ranking: 12th ()
Average Points Received : 0.4
Average Ranking Placement: 11.6
CDL Points : 70
Major IV Opening Match : Friday 4:30 pm EST vs TBD

“The Guerrillas have very extremely underwhelming the past couple of stages, but its easy to feel for the team. There is clearly a lot of talent on the squad, but mentality-wise there seems to a lot going on within the team. While their hopes for Champs are most likely over, there are two tournaments still up for grabs where anything could happen. Their X-Factor for the rest of the season has to be JoeDeceives. The rookie has the 2nd highest X-Factor rating for Stage 4 with a 0.58. That means his overall KD is 0.58 higher in wins compared to losses. Only Skrapz’s 0.81 is higher within the League. Joe has all the talent to put it together and propel this squad to a solid result.” 

– Easy Mac

JoeDeceives’s Stage 4 X-Factor
Overall : 0.56 (1.49 in wins, 0.93 in losses)
HP : 1.15 (2.00 in wins, 0.85 in losses)
SND : 0.18 (1.29 in wins, 1.10 in losses)
CTL : -0.11 (0.87 in wins, 0.98 in losses)

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