BP MW2 Power Ranking: MVP for each team this season

We have reached the final week of qualifying for Major IV. Battles to start in the Upper Bracket for the Major and to reach the 8th seed for CoD Champs remain fierce. This next week will be crucial to find out who has the upper hand for the rest of the season.

Therefore, for the first week of the Breaking Point Power Rankings, the team will offer their Most Valuable Player for the season so far for each of the 12 teams in the CDL.

How the teams are ranked : The writers, stats team, and content team at Breaking Point were polled to rate each of the 12 teams — putting more weight on recency instead of the entire season. The previous week of play is weighed the most, followed by the rest of the stage, and then Major III results. Each ranks the teams 1st through 12th. After collecting the rankings from the BP team, each team would be given points for each vote, as seen below:

1st – 11 points
2nd – 10 points
3rd – 9 points
4th – 8 points
5th – 7 points
6th – 6 points
7th – 5 points
8th – 4 points
9th – 3 points
10th – 2 points
11th – 1 point
12th – 0 points

The Breaking Point Power Ranking

1st: OpTic Texas

Total Points Received : 108
CDL Points : 200
Remaining matches : Friday 4:30 pm EST vs LA Guerrillas, Saturday 6:00 pm EST vs Boston Breach

“Shotzzy is many things for OpTic Texas that makes him their undisputed MVP. He’s the finesse king, the movement maestro and one of the most impactful players in the CDL. Shotzzy leads numerous categories for OpTic including Hardpoint kills per 10 min (23.4), Hardpoint damage per 10 min (2695.1), Control kills per 10 min (19.3), Control damage per 10 min (2261.4), and overall non-traded kill percentage (73.8%). Since the recent addition of Ghosty he’s picked it up even more and was maybe bar Scrap the best player in Texas showcased by his utter demolition of the Atlanta FaZe.”

– Lord Josh

2nd: Atlanta FaZe

Total Points Received : 99
CDL Points : 245
Remaining matches : Friday 6:00 pm EST vs Minnesota Rokkr, Saturday 7:30 pm EST vs Seattle Surge

“Looking at the Atlanta FaZe roster, the choice for Team MVP comes down to aBeZy and Cellium. If we were breaking it down by game mode, aBeZy is easily the SND MVP not only for FaZe, but for the entire league. His first blood ability (25.4%, 101 Total) is what has made this such a consistently dominant game mode for Atlanta. Cellium on the other hand has been consistently dominant in his own right across all three modes (1.2+ K/D in all game modes). It may be an unpopular take considering aBeZy plays a lot more fast paced, but Cellium has been slept on because we have become so accustomed to his strong performances throughout the CDL era, both online and LAN.”

– Pescaro

3rd: Los Angeles Thieves 

Total Points Received : 89
CDL Points : 180
Remaining matches : Sunday 4:30 pm EST vs Minnesota Rokkr

“Picking an MVP for the Thieves is extremely difficult as all four players play a crucial part to their success. Drazah was lighting it up at the start, Envoy has been a menace in Search & Destroy, and both Kenny & Octane have found their form especially in Stage 4. For now, Envoy has to be the one with the lead. He has a 1.01 overall KD for the season supported by a 1.05 in SnD and 1.09 in Control. Envoy leads the Thieves in engagements in both respawn modes, while notching 20.7 kills and 2518.9 damage per 10 minutes in Control.”

– Easy Mac 

4th: Toronto Ultra

Total Points Received : 79
CDL Points : 225
Remaining matches : Friday 3:00 pm EST vs Las Vegas Legion

“I don’t want to call it too soon but Scrappy might as well have rookie of the year wrapped up, having already taken home a Major Championship and MVP honours as well as being a statistical leader across the board. The rookie has a 1.16 overall KD (3rd in CDL) with a 1.11 KD or better in all three modes. Control is his best mode, where he leads the CDL in KD (1.25) and is in the top 5 for the CDL in attacking KD (1.07), defending KD (1.45), kills per 10 min (20.6), and damage per 10 min (2523.5) Nobody can deny his incredible talent.”

– Lord Josh

5th: Seattle Surge

Total Points Received : 63
CDL Points : 150
Remaining matches : Saturday 7:30 pm EST vs Atlanta FaZe, Sunday 3:00 pm EST vs LA Guerrillas

“Pred is a name on everybody’s lips with his insane SMG gameplay for the Surge. For the season, Pred is SECOND in the CDL in overall KD with a 1.17 and has a 1.15 KD or better in all three modes. He leads Seattle in slaying in all three modes, with 24.2 kills per 10 min in Hardpoint, 0.87 kills per round in SnD, and 21.3 kills per 10 min in Control. Pred is undoubtedly the best pure slayer in the CDL and as the season draws closer to the we will no doubt begin to hear more speculation around his future.”

– Lord Josh

6th: Boston Breach

Total Points Received : 60
CDL Points : 160
Remaining matches : Saturday 6:00 pm EST vs OpTic Texas, Sunday 6:00 pm EST vs New York Subliners

“One of the most consistent players in the CDL, Owakening must be considered Boston’s MVP for the season. Sitting currently 4th in the CDL in overall KD with a 1.14, he adds a lot of slaying to stabilize the Breach’s aggression. His best mode this year is Hardpoint, where he has a 1.15 KD (4th in CDL) which is the only positive KD on Boston. He adds a 1.05 in SnD with a league high 12 clutches, a 1.15 KD in Control and is currently 3rd in the CDL with a 75.0% overall Non-traded kill percentage.”

– Easy Mac

7th: New York Subliners 

Total Points Received : 60
CDL Points : 175
Remaining matches : Saturday 3:00 pm EST vs London Royal Ravens, Sunday 6:00 pm EST vs Boston Breach

“After a hot start to the MWII season for New York that culminated in a Major I victory, the team has gone off the rails a bit. Inconsistency from the supporting cast is largely the issue but the one player that has been playing towards the top of the league is HyDra. All that potential that people saw in him when he entered the lineup during the Cold War season has flourished into an MVP caliber player. HyDra is a big reason why NYSL currently holds a positive map count across all three modes despite their recent struggles.”

– Pescaro

8th: Las Vegas Legion

Total Points Received : 38
CDL Points : 110
Remaining matches : Friday 3:00 pm EST vs Toronto Ultra, Saturday 4:30 pm EST vs Florida Mutineers

“There’s no denying that the Vegas Legion have had the most notable turnaround in terms of performances across the entire CDL. For the first three years, they were not competitive, not fun to watch, and constantly at the bottom of the rankings. Enter Clayster, a fired up veteran and three-time Champion that knows a thing or two about what it takes to win. His passion, energy, and overall performance has completely turned this franchise around and has them on the cusp of clinching their first Winner’s Bracket start for a Major at Major IV. He leads the team in Engagements per 10 minutes which is unusual for an AR in this game. Through various roster changes at the SMG position, Clayster has led Vegas into a prime spot to be a threat for any given team and they have a legitimate chance to clinch a spot at COD Champs.”

– Pescaro

9th: Minnesota RØKKR 

Total Points Received : 33
CDL Points : 130
Remaining matches : Friday 6:00 pm EST vs Atlanta FaZe, Sunday 4:30 pm EST vs LA Thieves

“The Rokkr started the season hot, hit rock bottom in Stage 3, and have now rebounded with a solid start to Stage 4. Their one consistent player through it all has been their entry SMG Afro. Like Envoy, Afro has been a monster in both SnD and Control for Minnesota. He currently has a 1.15 KD in SnD with 103.89 ADR and 59.8% opening duel win percentage. In Control, Afro has a 1.11 KD with 20.0 kills and 2295.5 damage per 10 minutes. Watch out for Fame in this category, as the rookie had a strong start to his CDL career.”

– Easy Mac

10th: London Royal Ravens

Total Points Received : 13
CDL Points : 60
Remaining matches : Saturday 3:00 pm EST vs New York Subliners

“While London has struggled this season, we’ve seen great play from their players at times. Nastie performed at a very high level after switching to the AR during Stage 3. Skrapz has had multiple series where he looked terrific on the AR. For now, Asim still has to hold the MVP for the team due to his impact in the respawns. He leads the Royal Ravens in damage per 10 minutes in both Hardpoint (2649.5) and Control (2187.8). Asim also leads London in slaying in all three modes, having 0.72 kills per round in SnD, 22.5 kills per 10 minutes in Hardpoint, and 18.1 kills per 10 minutes in Control.”

– Easy Mac

11th: Florida Mutineers

Total Points Received : 10
CDL Points : 70
Remaining matches : Saturday 4:30 pm EST vs Las Vegas Legion

“Another underwhelming season from the Mutineers who’ve struggled to put up any sort of impressive placements since the MW season. I’m going to go with Brack as their MVP purely because of his elite SnD gameplay as he currently holds the number 2 spot for SnD KD in the whole league with a 1.25. The AR is the lone player on Florida with a positive KD (1.02) as well.”

– Lord Josh

12th: Los Angeles Guerrillas

Total Points Received : 8
CDL Points : 70
Remaining matches : Friday 4:30 pm EST vs OpTic Texas, Sunday 3:00 pm EST vs Seattle Surge

“Currently in the midst of a five match losing streak dating back to Winner’s Round 1 at Major III, it’s obvious that this season has not been one to remember for LAG. The team made a massive roster change after Major I in which they elevated three of their academy players to the starting roster to join Arcitys. At times, the team has looked more competitive but overall there’s not much to be said. JoeDeceives has been a bright spot in his rookie season and has demonstrated an ability to pop off and make dynamic plays. Whether it’s with LAG or a different franchise that takes over next season, teams should keep an eye on the Rookie as a player to build around.” 

– Pescaro

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