Boston bounces back, take series 3-1 over Mutineers

A key series for both teams started off on Zarqwa Hydroelectric and it was the Mutineers who maintained a narrow lead for most of the map.  Havok was a real problem for the Breach to deal with, managing to pick up kills and just slipping away forcing Boston to worry about him.

Florida looked certain to secure the map being fully set up for P3 but Boston broke instantly as Vivid picked up a 3 piece, a rather fortunate spawn from MajorManiak gave Florida a free pinch on the hill and they took advantage to simultaneously collapse on the point and pick up the 3 seconds they needed. They finally snap their 10 Hardpoint losing streak and put themselves in prime position to take the series.

Today’s series continued to not go the way you would predict. It was in fact Boston who dominated the SnD from the get go. Havok very nearly clutched a 1v4 in round 4 before Vivid and MajorManiak traded with a sniper in round 5. Boston seemed to always be coming out on top in the tight rounds as highlighted by Owakening clutching up in a 1v2 to put the Breach up 5-2 before him and Methodz clutched up in the 2v2 the following round to secure the Map and tie us up.

Both teams traded pretty standard defense on El Asilo but Boston managed to pull out the Offensive victory in Round 3. The AR Duo for the Breach dominated, combining for +17 Kills together as they limited Florida to just 1 tick in their final offensive round.

Florida beat the odds on Map 1, could they do it again on Map 4? 

The answer seemed to be a resounding “No” as Boston dominated the first rotation to pull out a 100 point lead on Embassy. Florida fought back a little to prevent the 100 point club but at the end of the day they were soundly dispatched with Nero dominating at 27/13.

That concludes Stage 2 for the Mutineers as they finish at 2-3 and their Winners Bracket fate is now out of their hands.

Author: LordJosh

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