Boston Acquires Vivid from Florida

Today, Boston Breach announced that Vivid will be joining their starting line up alongside Methodz, TJHaLy, and Nero. This move will put rookie Capsidal on the bench.

Capsidal holds a positive 1.01 KD so far in his rookie season but it proved to not be enough for this Boston team. His performances in Stage 3 took a dive.

Vivid holds a 0.91 KD in the league through his time with Florida and he is known as an engagement heavy sub with high damage and high engagements.

Breach’s thought process may be for Vivid provide a much needed change of pace going forward. Or will this fast paced tandem of Nero and Vivid be too much for Methodz and TJ to keep up with? Boston has a tough first matchup this week, as CDL matches start again. They face off against OpTic Texas and they need every win they can get as they are only 10 ahead of LA Thieves (8th place) in the current standings.

Author: SlimPancake

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