Best $10 Fantasy Player for Stage 2

The Major 2 qualifying matches are just days away, as competitive Call of Duty is finally returning in the new Year! Teams will be playing five matches over three weeks to determine whether they will start in the upper or lower bracket for Major 2.

With the matches returning, so will fantasy. The first stage of the season brought many surprises, as players such as Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst and Daunte “Sib” Gray played terrific and earned a $10 price tag this next stage.

With five players now in the $10 tier, fantasy players will have to be smart where to spend their allowance. We’re here to help you get the most bang for your buck and rise the ranks on the leaderboard. Here are the Best $10 Fantasy Players for Stage 2 of the Call of Duty League!

$10 Tier

The $10 Tier is comprised of five players this next Stage. With only $25 total to spend on players, every dollar matters. That is why if a $10 players is selected, they must be a MAJOR contributor to your fantasy squad. Here are the five players available in this category:


1. Pred

Major 1 Qualifier Points: 209.59 (15th)
Major 1 Points: 452.20 (1st)
Stage 1 Total Points: 661.79 (1st)
Price Change: $0

Pred tops the list for best $10 fantasy players due to his high floor and explosive potential. Even with loses to Boston, LAG, and Toronto in the qualifiers to finish 1-3, Pred still had the 15th most points in the CDL. The reigning Rookie of the Year didn’t let that hold him down, as he still led the CDL in Hardpoint scoring during the qualifiers.

One area for concern was Pred’s SnD in qualifiers, where he ranked 24th in the CDL for scoring. Add in finishing 31st in Control during the qualifiers for scoring, and it adds a lot of pressure on the Aussie to keep up the superstar numbers in Hardpoint. Its important to note that he finished 1st in SnD and 3rd in Control during the Major, but if Seattle struggles again during the online portion, there is a certain level of risk. With a stronger team qualifier performance from Seattle, Pred will be an MVP in fantasy yet again!

2. HyDra

Major 1 Qualifier Points: 238.18 (8th)
Major 1 Points: 398.80 (4th)
Stage 1 Total Points: 636.98 (2nd)
Price Change: $0

The Major winning SMG is again $10 in fantasy for Stage 2. He put in a terrific effort in both Hardpoint and SnD to help secure the 2nd highest point total in Stage 1. One key for HyDra is continuing the strong performance in SnD and for New York to continue placing well.

While we all know how strong Paco is in Hardpoint, having a 2nd very strong mode is how he’ll continue being a stud in fantasy. His Control ranked 24th in scoring during Major 1 qualifiers, so that puts a tad bit of pressure on his SnD to stay elite. Either way, you can’t go wrong with picking HyDra for Stage 2!

3. Sib

Major 1 Qualifier Points: 212.20 (13th)
Major 1 Points: 411.20 (2nd)
Stage 1 Total Points: 623.40 (3rd)
Price Change: +$1

Sib started the Modern Warfare 2 season in stunning fashion. The 2nd-year AR has shown tremendous growth and has been electric so far for the Seattle Surge. In similar fashion to Pred, Sib should have a similar high floor while having a very high reward potential. Even with Seattle going just 1-3 in qualifiers, Daunte showed off his high gun skill and potential.

There is always concern that Seattle could struggle again during the online portion of Stage 2, which could be considered a red flag for both Sib and Pred. During the Major 1 qualifiers, Sib finished just 39th in Control scoring with 31.47 points. Without insane performances in Hardpoint, where he scored the second highest in the CDL at 103.33, Sib could’ve fallen down a bit. Even with the risk, Sib is one of the best fantasy performers in the CDL and his insane potential will always make him worth the $10 price tag.

4. Cellium

Major 1 Qualifier Points: 275.43 (3rd)
Major 1 Points: 305.80 (10th)
Stage 1 Total Points: 581.23 (6th)
Price Change: $0

The reigning MVP of the League had yet another great performance during Stage 1 of the season. Cellium played great throughout the stage, but was at his best during the qualifiers. He finished 4th in Hardpoint with 94.58 points and 3rd overall for the qualifiers with 275.43 points.

This is what makes Cellium an attractive option in fantasy. The star AR is extremely consistent tournament after tournament, which makes his floor very stable. One of the negatives to this is that reward isn’t as high as some of the players higher in this list. With three other superstar players on the roster with Cellium, he is competing with them for fantasy points. This makes it harder for him to reach the extremely highs, but with the placement multiplier at Majors, that is more likely to stay consistent. That is why Cellium will continue being one of the best fantasy players in the CDL!

5. Scrappy

Major 1 Qualifier Points: 281.65 (2nd)
Major 1 Points: 309.60 (9th)
Stage 1 Total Points: 591.25 (5th)
Price Change: +$1

One of the most anticipated rookies to enter the Call of Duty League, Scrappy backed up the hype during the first stage of the season. The star AR helped Toronto take the top seed during the online qualifier portion and then to a top 3 finish at the Major. He was a major force in all three modes and showed that he is here to stay!

While Scrappy is clearly one of the best ARs in the League, one worry will be where his team places at the Major. With Texas, LAT, Boston, and Minnesota placing lower than where many thought they would place, the Rokkr will be a lot of competition to remain in the Top 3. If Minnesota doesn’t keep pace, a worse placing will greatly affect Scrappy due to the placement multiplier at the Majors. If they can keep building in Stage 2, we can expect Scrappy to be one of the best fantasy players in the League.

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