Balanced OpTic take down the Ultra 3-1

Two of the top teams in the CDL, this match was going to be a slugfest. Each team came in undefeated, looking to improve their chances at netting a top seed at the Major 2 in Boston.

Toronto would start map 1 off hot. On Hotel, the Ultra took a 113-57 point lead after four hills of play. They looked to be in control of the map, but OpTic would fight back. Texas would hold P5 for 47 points and hold P1 for 35 points to tie the game 163-163. After a 49 point perfect hold for the Ultra on P2, OpTic found themselves in a 163-212 hole. They would not give up, and then go on a 87-2 run to end the game. This would give them a 250-214 win and a 1-0 start in the series.

The next map would be a similar story as the first. A strong start by the Toronto Ultra followed by a comeback from the Greenwall. Ultra would take a 3-2 lead on Embassy, countering the aggression by Texas. But yet again, OpTic fought back. Shotzzy started to find space on the map and find huge impact. OpTic would end up winning the final three rounds on the back of three opening duel wins. Overall, OpTic went 7-3 in opening duels to win the map.

Ultra would have to turn the series around quickly, and it would have to start in the Control. Fortress Control has seen more success on the attacking side, and we got to see just that in round 4. After trading defensive round wins through the first three rounds, the Ultra would breakthrough with an early B hit to start round 4. This lead to a quick capture of the B point and they were able to chain that damage over to the A point. Scrappy woke up and put in work. He’d finish 21-14 with 2584 damage in the Control to help Ultra back into the series.

The final map of the series put us on Embassy Hardpoint. Notably, OpTic had not found success on the map before this series. They would turn that around quickly. After a back and forth start, OpTic would have a 58 point perfect hold on P4 to take a commanding 237-133. They’d end up winning the map 250-191 to win the series 3-1. The entire team had very balanced stat sheet, with all four players having an even or better KD. iLLeY had a very good series, finishing 71-65 with 9277 damage but put in a statement during map 4. He finished 34-23 (1.48 KD) with 128 seconds of hill time and 4033 damage. This was the best he has looked in MW2.

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  1. What a statement from OpTic. Let’s hope this isn’t just a “honeymoon” phase and they can keep improving with more time together. What’s scary is it still feels like they’re a bit behind in terms of scrimming. Gotta say, things are looking good with the new squad! Huke is also lowkey FRYING! #BrickByBrick

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