After a historically bad performance throughout Stage III, the Minnesota Rokkr have decided that now is the time to change things up. The underperforming squad consisting of Afro, Cammy, and Bance will now be joined by Kevin “Fame” Bonanno. Dillon “Attach” Price has been moved out of the starting roster.

Minnesota’s performance during Stage III was abysmal with an overall record of 0-6 (including 4 series that ended in a sweep). Throughout the MWII season, Attach has been one of the better players for ROKKR, but has heavily struggled in SnD.

Considering SnD is their worst game mode (10-20 Map Count), the decision to call up Fame from the Academy Roster makes a lot of sense. Fame has averaged a 1.09 SnD K/D in Challengers so far this season and will look to turn that mode around for the main roster.

Rokkr Academy has finished second at the last two CDC Open LANs in Boston and Arlington. In this same stretch of time, Minnesota has lost eight straight series dating back to the Winner’s Finals at Major II.

Fame traditionally has been an SMG player for the Rokkr Academy, adding a twist to this move. In the past open tournaments, Fame has used the Vaznev with a trophy and still playing extremely well. How well will he perform with an AR in his first visit to the pro League?

Despite their recent struggles, ROKKR are currently in eight place in the CDL headed into Stage IV qualifiers on Friday. Fame will look to right the ship and keep Minnesota in contention for COD Champs.

Author: PescaroDB

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  1. Manning0151

    great, i had a player capable of dropping numbers for $4, now i probably an AM… :(

  2. I had attach on my team too lmao

  3. yall should let us edit our fantasy teams if we had attach

  4. ThiccDiccin

    will this swap out attach for fame? please make a tweet if possible

  5. Sportsfan102

    Do we automatically get Fame if Attach is on our team?

  6. How do I swap attach? It won’t let me edit

  7. Bro how have you guys not added the ability to edit lineups

  8. Alberto Vargas

    Yall saw Fame yesterday LOL that man was on that Pineeeee Park.

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